Hello world!

Briefly, my goal with this site is to share what I’ve learned about cycling as a major part of my life and as a primary means of transportation.

“Natural Cyclection” is of course an homage to “natural selection”, which when paired with  mutation is the engine of evolution.  I wanted my blog to have an evolution oriented title, as lots of things I’ve learned cycling have been evolutionary.  I’ll “mutate” my riding system, then see how it survives on the street.  If it’s successful, I’ll keep it.

Luckily, noting I’ve tried has been so unsuccessful as to lead to my injury or death – thank heavens.  But I’ve made some expensive investments that have not worked out.  I plan to share everything I’ve tried, both the successes and the failures, so that others might repeat my triumphs and avoid my blunders.

And so, back to that name.  I wanted to go with something cooler – more directly recognizable as having something to do with bikes and evolution – but all the cool cycling/evolution names have already been taken (just Google “velolution”, etc.).  So I went with this.